TITLEMy third book TITLE is the first to include short stories and thoughts in addition to poetry. During my bachelor studies in psychology, I completed a minor in English literature, where I followed classes in creative writing. This was the first time I made an attempt at composing prose. As I explored my strengths and weaknesses through various exercises, I was drawn to the literary style of stream of consciousness. I encountered difficulties in describing settings and producing dialogues. But when I read Virginia Woolf's stream of consciousness pieces I gained hope that I too could write short-stories. As soon as I began verbally depicting a character's thoughts in an uninterrupted flow, I gained confidence in my own pieces. After having some of them published in international journals, I decided it was time to accumulate these pieces and include my latest poems to form my third book.

The collection contains 6 short stories, 21 poems and 3 thoughts. Among the 21 poems there are 7 quotes which were illustrated by my one year old nephew Khai Khenti Illes. The shape, look and feel of the book departs heavily from my previous two collections. Whereas Beyond Insanity and Spiel di mi Alma were both hardcover, glossy, sleek with rather large dimensions, TITLE is small (penguin size), softcover and only the 7 illustrations are printed on glossy paper. The front cover design mimics the cover of a manuscript with the vintage 3 pins on the side. It also has a tea-stain on the upper right corner which symbolizes an invitation extended to the reader to treat the book in a personal way; highlight freely, underline determinedly and fold it unapologetically.   


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