My Aruba Campaign

ORANJESTAD – For many years now I’ve shied away from requests for poems dedicated to Aruba. I still believe I am unable to articulate what this place means to me. When the offer to make a fun video about my favorite spots on the island came along however, I immediately accepted.

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Wake up stories: My first keynote

ORANJESTAD – I never imagined that my very first keynote presentation would be held at a technology conference. Considering the important role storytelling embodies across different areas, especially among start-ups, I should’ve seen it coming.

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ORANJESTAD — From the first moment I heard the recording of an original waltz composed from scratch by Aruban musician Chris Kross, I was left in awe.

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La reflexión como espectáculo

BARRANQUILLA — Today I reflect on the spectacle that is the act of reflection itself, according to the amazing team of Carnival Internacional de las Artes.

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